Saturday, March 5, 2011


my brother and mom

they were so cute in matching jackets
this guy was rockin' out


  1. Hi Ciara, thanks for the comment :)
    I loved loved loved your bag, where's it from?
    Also, were these pictures taken in Paris or am I mistaken?

    Have a lovely day, darling!

  2. Hey Ciara! Thanks for the lovely comment on my Tumblr! And that jacket is absolutely lovely. Do you live in DC? If you do, I'm jealous! My dad grew up in DC and lived on Mass. Ave. It's so beautiful there.

    ♥ Julia

  3. nice blog! but where is the follower icon

  4. Isabela- no problem! and i got my bag in london at a little side shop, which i can not remember the name of so sorry! and actually these pictures are taken in washington dc, where i am currently living :)

    julia- yes i do live in dc! i only just moved here a couple of months ago, but i have already fell in love with the city! there is so much to do and see!

    little apple- i will definitely put it up! thanks for the notice!!

  5. hey i'm missmaebell from tumblr. loved this outfit! Followed :)